Greater Adirondack Film Commission 2024: The Adirondacks is a Filmmaker’s Natural Delight


June 26, 2024



Cesare Manansala


This year’s local Film Commission can aid budding storytellers with finding natural landscapes for film shoots, helpful tax incentives, and technical facilities

Adirondack Film is thrilled to announce that the 2024 Greater Adirondack Film Commission is officially in full swing.

Equipped with technical and economical programs, as well as educational insight towards the area’s notable natural resources, this year’s Film Commission is designed to help aspiring filmmakers local to the Adirondacks area and elsewhere fulfill their wildest creative dreams.

Aid with Location Scouting in the Adirondacks

Among the many benefits of enrolling at the Film Commission is its assistance in providing filmmakers with expert knowledge on the Adirondacks area’s vast assortment of natural, picturesque locations for film shoots. The Adirondacks is nearly limitless in its abundance of mountains, hiking trails, waterfalls, lakes, and other bodies of rugged terrain. Where would a filmmaker know to start when scouting for film shoots in the region? The Film Commission can help filmmakers by providing them with the proper information needed for their location scouting in the vast wilderness of the Adirondacks.

New York State Film Incentives

Did you know that New York’s $700 million and 40% film incentives program is among the best in America?

Enrollees to the 2024 Film Commission can take advantage of New York State’s tax incentives benefits to help ease film production budget woes. The New York State Governor's Office of Motion Picture & Television Development offers both Production and Post-Production tax credits for qualified expenditures in New York. This tax credit program is a key factor cited by productions when they decide upon producing and filming their projects in New York, all of which also contributes billions of dollars to the state’s economy. Additional information on New York State’s tax incentive programs can be found on

Film Production Inventory

Filmmakers looking for help in building their projects from the ground-up can look no further than the Greater Adirondack Film Commission.

The Film Commission maintains a vast inventory of Film Production resources ranging in such categories as: hotels, restaurants, and caterers; transportation; location scouts; local resource managers; cameramen; audio; lighting; production assistants (PAs); hair & makeup; and many more.

Interested filmmakers can begin their journeys with the Greater Adirondack Film Commission by contacting Commissioner Eric P. Granger via phone at 518-524-830, or email, For further information, please click