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A hush falls over the audience as the opening credits roll. Hundreds of individuals from all walks of life are united, transported by the power of film. Aspiring filmmakers showcase their talents, fueled by scholarships made possible by your generosity. This is the transformative impact you can ignite by partnering with Adirondack Film, host of the Lake Placid Film Festival and the See Something that Means Something yearlong community film series at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts.

More than just entertainment, the Lake Placid Film Festival, now in its 24th year, is a cultural cornerstone, fostering creativity, dialogue, and community. Your investment doesn’t just support exceptional cinema; it nurtures tomorrow’s storytellers, inspires audiences, and fuels the vibrant cultural landscape of the Adirondacks. What’s more, we are working with colleges and high schools across the state to encourage young people to build a career in film.

We need your help to cover the behind-the-scenes costs that go into making these film series and other activities possible: securing film rights, paying for the technology to stream movies, bringing film to our district high schools, and covering the myriad of other expenses.

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