How do I submit my project to be considered for the 2021 Lake Placid Film Festival?

We are only accepting Shorts into our Your Shorts are Showing Competition. We are not accepting films for our overall Film Festival; those are curated with our Program Director.

What’s the deadline for submitting to the Short Film Competition as part of the Lake Placid Film Festival?

The Shorts deadlines are all outlined on our Film Freeway which is here:  https://filmfreeway.com/LakePlacidFilmFestival

Do you grant extensions on entries?


When will Awards nominations be announced?

On Sunday, October 24th for the Shorts Competition winners.

What makes a film/series eligible for an award?

2-15 minutes in run time; judges decide.

What are the categories for the short film competition?

There are no categories for the Film Festival, however our Short Film Competition has 4 categories: Drama, comedy, documentary and animation.