Film Commission

Adirondack Film Commission has been charged to promote film, TV, Commercial, and video production in the Adirondacks and the Greater Lake Champlain Region. It assists filmmakers and videographers when they arrive., working closely with the NYS Governor's Office of Motion Picture and Television Development (MVTV) to offer film, television, commercial production and post-production tax credits for qualified expenditures in New York State.

The Adirondack Film Commission provides:

  • Assistance with local permitting
  • Production management
  • Coordination of all local personnel and filmmaking resources
  • Location assistance and scouting

Eric P. Granger

Eric has been associated with the Lake Placid Film Festival for 20 years. He has spent 30 years in the Film and Television Industries, serving as a Location Scout, Project Manager, and Actor, and is a registered Adirondack Guide. Currently, Eric serves as a Film Judge for the Berlin International CineFest, the Lake Placid Film Festival, and the NYC Independent Film Festival.

He also is the Founder and CEO of Aracari Films, LLC, a content contributor for GoldenNetworkTV, Director of the Lake Placid Film Festival's Shorts' Competition, Director of the Adirondack Film Commission, and a Film Scout.

"Small mountain towns, quaint hamlets, real local feel. You could shoot a Western here."

Eric Granger about Gary Smith

"Eric Granger offered locations that we never would have found off the beaten track sometimes but brilliant for shooting. At-ta boy Eric."

Gary Smith about Eric Granger