Eric Granger

Director of the Shorts Competition, Screenwriter & Producer

Eric Granger is a student of Robert McKee’s “Story” and Arron Sorkin’s “Masterclass”. Since 2000, besides screenplays, Eric has written, directed, and produced 4 murder mystery stage plays, and a full-length stage Musical (Book, Music and Lyrics), a collection of short stories on Kindle (One Baby Boomer’s Journey), and numerous magazine articles. I have won 2 “Grand Prize” awards for lyrics in Nashville and have penned 20 original songs. Eric has acted in and directed 20 stage plays and musicals and directed two TV spec pilots.

Eric is a Film Judge for The Berlin International CineFest, the Lake Placid Film Festival and the NYC Independent Film Festival. Presently, Eric holds positions of CEO of Aracari Films LLC, Content Contributor for GoldenNetworkTV, Director of the Lake Placid Film Festival’s Shorts competition, Chair of the Adirondack Film Commission, and Film scout in the Adirondacks, NY and in Costa Rica; currently living both in Lake Placid, NY and Costa Rica.

Eric has written eleven features, three shorts, three TV concept proposals and have two other features in progress in a multitude of genres. . Garnering 100 - “Film Festival Screenplay Awards” around the world in the past six years. 18 - “BEST SCREENPLAY” and 49 - “Finalist” Awards. Including: 3rd place at Cannes.  Currently, I have four screenplays and a TV project in development /pre-production in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Nigeria, and Las Vegas.