Endeavor to Assist and Succeed Adirondack Films May Volunteer Appreciation Night and 2024 Local Events


May 21, 2024



Cesare Manansala


Adirondack Film always holds our volunteers with the highest of regards. From our early days in the late 1990s to the challenging times of the Covid-19 Pandemic (when the Lake Placid Film Festival went temporarily virtual starting in 2020), Adirondack Film has always relied on volunteers to help keep our cinematic art passions alive and kicking. Put simply, we could not have launched our local events successfully without their steadfast, loyal support. 

Volunteer Appreciation Night with Hundreds of Beavers

In gratitude, Adirondack Film hosted a Volunteer Appreciation Night on Friday, May 17 with a screening of the critically-acclaimed 2024 comedy Hundreds of Beavers. The event, which took place at the Lake Placid Center For The Arts (LPCA) in Lake Placid, NY, was part of our monthly “See Something That Means Something” dedicated to introducing the finest and most unique independent films to our community. For their hard work, our volunteer participants were treated to Hundreds of Beavers, a picture that is referred to by various news sources as “One of the best films of the year” (The Spool) and “One of the best of the century” (Disappointment Media), followed by after-show drinks. 

Volunteers Needed For 2024 Events

This year will have many great upcoming events, in which we will need the assistance of all volunteers - veteran and newcomer alike. Adirondack Film requires volunteer support for our final “See Something That Means Something” event of 2024, as well as this year’s Lake Placid Film Festival (LPFF). Specifically, we will require help with the following volunteer roles and responsibilities and event dates:

FILM EVENT HOSTS (June to September)

Film Hosts will “man” the ADK Film Table and discuss the “See Something That Means Something” screening of the month (The Taste Of Things for June 21, 2024), the LPFF, and volunteering for Adirondack Film. The Host(s) are invited to screen the films free of charge.

STREET TEAM (year round)

Post flyers and rack cards in assigned local and regional venues to promote our yearly events, as well as “man” the ADK Film Table at various summer events.


Work with the Marketing Committee for assignments at different ADK Film Events and/or partners’ film events. Take photos and videos at events to be forwarded to the Marketing Committee. Create Social Media promotional content on behalf of ADK Film and LPFF. 


Provide hospitality during the LPFF using knowledge of festivity activities, screenings, panel discussions, and other event details.

Interested parties can visit our website at for additional volunteer opportunities, positions, and future events. Adirondack Film appreciates all of our volunteers for your continued support and desire to see our continued success as an arts-based organization.